Internal videos are usually boring. The case of our intro video for the Dentsu Aegis Network’s Data Training Program is a different story. A story about Data as an integral part of our business and how this Program will enable our employees to become better at what they do.

Talking about data with custom-made illustrations and an artistic look & feel, was our approach in order to engage with our various stakeholders and diverse audiences and to create a distinctive identity for the whole Program and the videos that will follow. 

Flat and fresh color combinations create a surreal environment for every scene, enhanced by the asymmetric characters. The minimal environment and the animations focus on the hero action in the center of the screen, while the large, ultra-thin custom typography create contrast to the characters and the environment adding to the craft and not just being seen as informational supers. At the same time, the “fluid” figures allow us a smoother animation, defying strict analogies and giving a friendlier and more arty tone to a seemingly “strict” subject such as Data.
Animation by Alex Pyrenis

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